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Honestly I don't typically wear a ton of makeup. I am perfectly content with a tinted moisturizer, a brow pencil, and mascara. I think that when you wear makeup it should enhance who you are, not cover you up. Recently, I have noticed a lot of buzz in the beauty world about Glossier and after researching their products I thought I would give it a try! Thank you to my sister for getting me started with this package for my birthday! 

//Jimmy Kimmel//

If you haven't seen this video about Jimmy Kimmel sharing his story of his newborn son's surgery and the recent changes to healthcare, you should! Warning: complete tear jerker. 


So for my mom's birthday I got her and I tickets to go see the Minimalists in a few weeks at the Cedar Cultural Center. As a surprise I put headphones on her and turned on an episode from their podcast. Needless to say, she was ecstatic! I also bought us VIP tickets so she can give Josh and Ryan each a hug! Haven't heard of these guys yet? Check out their podcast and website! Their journey of minimalism (in every aspect of life) is actually quite incredible. Listening to Josh and Ryan has definitely helped me keep my small studio nice and tidy! The episode about happiness is one of my favorites, give it a listen! 

//San Cisco//

A few years ago I went to the San Cisco concert here in Minneapolis at the Triple Rock Social Club! It was hands down the best concert I have ever been to. These guys ( and gal) have been a touring band since they were 16! After almost 10 years of creating awesome jams San Cisco just released their new album, The Water. I have been blasting this in my jeep with the windows down (if you heard some lady singing off tune while driving down Lyndale it was probably me). I just found out this morning on their Facebook page that they will be in Minneapolis on August 19th! Cannot. Wait! In the meantime, catch this tune for a fun beat. 

//Boudoir Shoot//

One of my very talented friends,  Emily Isakson, asked me to help her with a boudoir shoot! At first, I admit, I was VERY nervous and hesitant. Emily's natural approach to photography and calming personality eventually convinced me to give it a try! I found the experience to be so empowering and allowed me to celebrate my body and myself! If you are considering doing one for a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even just for yourself like I did, you should! Every woman should feel celebrated! P.S. Don't worry mom, I won't post anything inappropriate! I do have to brag about Emily's work though so below are a few of my favorites!