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//Turning 30//

Can you believe I turn 30 in a few weeks?! If not, it's okay, my patient last week thought I was 20 (why thank you sir!). Generally, we have all heard that turning 30 "changes you", that there are usually lots of tears involved, and suddenly people start asking why you're not married or have any children. Luckily, times have changed and turning 30 comes with a great sense of empowerment and excitement! Looking back on my twenties I have so much to be proud of! I learned so, so much from my experiences and am very grateful that those have truly helped develop me into the person I am today (sooooo cheesy, I know). I am excited for what lies ahead for me in this new decade! Something I am most looking forward to is starting the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program at the University of Minnesota! This has been a long time professional goal of mine and I cannot wait to get going. Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me through this process, encouraged me, and provided advice! You know who you are! :) Also, going into this brand new decade I am so grateful to have such a great group of friends! I am so lucky to have you all in my life! One of my favorite websites I follow, The Every Girl, has an incredible post about Why Life Gets Even Better After Turning 30 . Anyone else out there turning 30 this year? What are you most excited about!?

//Nice Ride//

One of my favorite times of year in Minnesota is Spring! The weather gets warmer, people are happier, and Nice Ride comes back! If you're not acquainted, Nice Ride is a bike share program in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. You probably have seen the green bikes docked at various street corners! Memberships are very affordable at $75 a year. Living right off of the greenway I love biking down to the Midtown Global Market for Taco Cat, around the lakes, or to the grocery store! Be sure to download their app for docking locations and bike availability! Get cruising!

//Coconut Water//

Even if you're not a coconut fan you should definitely still give this water a try! Coconut water will be your best friend with the hot and steamy summer months coming up! Personally, it took me a little while to get use to the flavor but I have found that the best one is the Zico Natural Coconut Water with Pineapple. You can pick one up at virtually any grocery store. I am happy that I have found a hydrating drink (aside from good old water) that isn't packed with sugar or dyes! Give it a try! You might surprise yourself with how much you like it!

//Z: The Beginning of Everything//

I think in my previous life I lived during the roaring 20s. Or at least I wish I had! All the glitz, glamour, and incredible fashion, who wouldn't want that!? Ok, I forgot to mention prohibition but that is just a small detail. ;) I recently binged on Amazon Prime's original series, Z: The Beginning of Everything. The show tells the love story of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. If you know your local history well you will know that F. Scott Fitzgerald is actually from Saint Paul. You can walk by his home on Summit avenue or visit him and Zelda's favorite bar, The Commodore. If you visit, one of the bars is actually original to the time the Commodore was created! Back to the show though! If you're looking for easy episodes to binge on and appreciate a good love story, check this one out. Christina Ricci does an incredible job of playing the character Zelda and David Hoflin as F. Scott Fitzgerald takes handsome to another level. Cheers darling!

//Yoga Paddle boarding//

Have you tried this activity yet? With my long list of summer activities that I want to try, this one is at the top! I have seen people do this on lake of the isles and Calhoun and have been wanting to try for awhile! What a great idea of blending yoga poses with paddle boarding! I am excited for the challenge of trying to stay on the board while doing a downward dog. SUP Calhoun offers classes on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings for people wanting to learn how to yoga paddle! Maybe I will see you out there!