The Index

Hi guys! Welcome to The Index! I have been wanting to expand the blog with posts about the top five topics or current events that I cannot get off my mind. I hope you enjoy! 

//One// Watercoloring 

One of my goals for 2017 was to challenge myself creatively. A few of my friends have inspired me to try watercoloring! (Thank you Meghan & Erica!) With a little encouragement from my friends and lots of YouTube videos I have created a few pieces! The one thing I love about watercoloring is that you cannot mess up. So, naturally, it's a great activity for a type A personality like myself. Give it a try! 

//Two// Minnesota United FC

I have been SO excited for the upcoming season of the Minnesota United Football Club. Being an avid soccer player and huge fan I am so happy to have them playing at TCF bank stadium! The season opener is this Sunday, March 13th against the Atlanta United. If I wasn't working I would be there. Go in my place this time? You can get tickets on their website here

//Three// Beauty & the Beast

This one is a bit of a nerd alert! My all time favorite Disney movie growing up was Beauty & the Beast. I even had a themed birthday party and sleeping bag. Alright, now that I have admitted that. I cannot wait to go see this film featuring my girl Emma Watson! It is in theaters March 17th! Will you be my guest? 

//Four// Uncle Harry's natural skin care

This past weekend I was in Atlanta visiting my sister for a little R&R. Naturally as sisters do I raided her skincare products! (Thanks Ash!) I tried out the Uncle Harry's clay mask bar. Wow. This mask was lovely because of how gentle and purifying it was. It also dried quickly which I appreciated. Turns out Uncle Harry's has some other bomb A products including rose water elixirs, haircare products, and aromatherapy oils. I recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin and gravitates towards natural products! 

//Five// Self care 

Spring is always a time for reevaluating our behaviors, patterns, and looking at how we can better care for ourselves. The past few weeks have been challenging and adjusting to change has been tougher than normal for me (hey, I am a Taurus, we hate change as it is). I have found that challenging times create wonderful opportunities for self care. There are so many resources out there revolving around self care and development. First, write down the activities or things that bring you happiness! For me, seeing friends, practicing yoga, and positive affirmations usually does the trick! In the people pleasing world we live in it is common to neglect yourself! Find you're passionate about and use that to recharge your battery. Filling your life with positive words, actions, and people, in good times and bad, is super healthy. After all, what we put out into the world is what we attract, right? Still unsure of where to start? Give one of these TED talks on the importance of self care a listen! 

Have an awesome week!!