My Top Three Podcasts for Women

Who run the world?! If you don't know the answer to that question look it up on youtube and listen to the song. For all of those who do, did the answer just shout out in your head? Mine too! 

In the never ending sea of podcasts it can seem sort of daunting to find just the right one that resonates with you. I usually find my favorites through recommendations from friends or by researching suggested podcasts. In addition, I must say that there are a healthy amount of female based/ran podcasts out there! (finally!

I keep finding myself texting friends as well as my sister (sorry Ash!) sending them podcast episodes to listen to! So, I thought I would share them with all of you as well! I wanted to focus in on three specific podcasts because they each touch on different areas of life from business to self development to relationships. 

First up! 

The Lively Show! This podcast was created by Jess Lively and was designed to help empower, inspire, and teach people how to tune into their intuition. This podcast revolves around self development and has so many wonderful episodes. One of my favorites is an episode about what motivates us in relationships, how to have our intuition guide us, and how our relationships affect our intuition. Now, if you're anything like me you don't like mushy-gushy self help materials. The thing I like about Jess is that she lays things out in a very approachable and non-threatening manner. I think everyone (men and women) could benefit from this podcast and is definitely worth hitting the subscribe button! 


Okay, this show is so hilarious, fun, empowering, and relatable it's no wonder that it is in my top three! Lady Lovin' was created by Jillian Hendrix, Lo Bosworth, and Greta Titelman. The podcast was designed to empower women by discussing topics everyone wants to talk about: sex, relationships, business, health/wellness, etc. I absolutely love this podcast because you feel like you're sitting there sipping a martini on a Saturday night with your girlfriends. Seriously! I also really appreciate how candid and open they are with sharing their own experiences! Lady Lovin' is super approachable, relatable, and every woman should tune in. One of my favorite episodes is the one about modern relationships ! Give them a listen! You won't regret it (unless that is if you pee your pants from laughing so hard) ;)


For all my #girlbosses out there! (yes, you!!) You'll love this podcast station, #girlboss radio w/ Sophia Amoruso. This podcast is set up interview-style with Sophia interviewing successful and inspiring women. The episodes discuss how women have become successful in their creative, business, and cultural endeavors. Girlboss is great because the interviews provide excellent business (and life) advice for women by women. Whenever I am done listening to one of these episodes I always feel more empowered and inspired! Sophia has so many lovely episodes but one of my favorites is titled, "Finance and the City with Farnoosh Tarabi". The episode is one that all women living in the city can relate to! 

There you have it!! Hopefully you feel as empowered and inspired as I do after listening to these three amazing podcasts! Also! shameless plug but, get out and VOTE this week!!! If you want to avoid the lines on Election day try voting early! Information on early voting in Minneapolis can be found here. FYI: early voting ends Monday, November 7th. 

Have a wonderful weekend lovely,