The Simple Guide to Creating a Bar Cart

Hi there! First of all, cheers! We made it to Friday! If you don't feel like getting out for a happy hour today fear not, this post will definitely quench any thirst you've developed throughout the week. 

Recently I have noticed a lot of posts on Instagram that feature bar carts! They are all incredible and seem to have everything you would need for any classic cocktail. (I will take a perfect Manhattan please!) Although, if you're anything like me, those wonderfully crafted bar carts can seem overwhelming with all of the liquor, bitters, glassware, decanters, etc. 

This got me thinking about my bar cart that I "developed". Personally, I enjoy a more simple set up with just a few types of liquor, vintage glassware, and the occasional bottle of wine stored on the bottom rack. If you're looking to build a bar cart of your own let me help you out!


First, you need to find a bar cart that you like! I got mine at Target last season for about $130. It is lightweight and rolls very well! I love the brushed bronze look and the lower shelf is perfect for storing my wine glasses and decanter.


Second, find a few favorite spirits that you most enjoy and that are versatile in making a few of the classics. My cart has Jameson, Bullet bourbon, and of course, for those martini lovers out there, Hendrick's gin. I typically enjoy my bourbon and whiskey neat but it is nice to have a cocktail shaker just in case!


Finally, find some great glassware to showoff on your new bar cart! I enjoy scouring thrift and antique shops for vintage glassware. I found the decanter in the photo at Hunt and Gather! It's not only the perfect size for the cart, it also gives the cart a classic, vintage look. While I have a true love for vintage glassware, I did mix in a few more modern pieces like this whiskey glass from MSP Clothing

Remember, keep it simple, make it your own, and most importantly, drink what you love! Cheers!